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and this is why i love you, b2st <3

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holy shit LIPS

fuck they are so gorgeous

and and and junhyung and dongwoon asjhdlakshjl NOONA LOVES YOU~ sfm

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The awkward moment when you talk to yourself and not in your own language.


i can say that this happens to me. also super awkward when you wake up and realize you’ve been dreaming in another language. super awkward but super cool.

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omg b2st y so adorbs

  • Doojoon: Yoseob has never had a girlfriend. Whenever we talk about girls, he has a mental block and always asks questions. And so we all fight over him. He's cute, and he acts like the maknae of the group. So we decided that since we don't have girlfriends, Yoseob will be our girlfriend.
  • MC: What kind of things do you all do with Yoseob?
  • Kikwang: Yoseob and I often take baths together. Whenever we watch movies, he always lies on my shoulder, and I give him my coat. Hyunseung and Yoseob have their time together in vocalization and their taste in clothing. Junhyung helps Yoseob wash the clothes and dishes, and they tease each other while doing it. You can see Doojoon and Yoseob's chemistry onstage as they always tease each other, and Dongwoon likes to hug Yoseob a lot.
  • Doojoon: It's not that we treat Yoseob like a girl. We take care of him as a little brother. The girlfriend thing is a joke. Someday we will help him find a girl to take care of him.
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needs more motherfucking b2st